Interview Letters

The most common use of Interview Letters is the ability to create an automation plan or bulk email within a pipeline. Other uses of interview letters include web automation plans

Creating a Pipeline Automation Plan

  1. Select System from the main toolbar
  2. Choose Manage Field Data
  3. Choose Interview Status Codes
  4. Manage Automation Plans can be found in the action toolbar to your right.
  5. Select Add
  6. Check the box “Warn before running automation plan” if you wish to receive a warning when this automation plan is about to run.
  7. Use the Dropdown to Select Interview Type/Status
    1. Please Note: Automation plans must be tied to an Interview Status. If you are not sure what an Interview Status is, please click here.
  8. Open the tab for Send Form Letter
  9. Check the box to the far right of the Send Form Letter toolbar, this will enable the plan
  10. Enter the appropriate information into the plan.
    1. By leaving the To Email field empty the letter will send to the candidate moved into the designated status.
    2. By leaving From Email blank the email will come from the System Administrator email
    3. Enter your Letter Subject and use the dropdown to choose the appropriate letter.
  11. Save your plan – It is now active!pipeline_form_letter_automation

Trigger Your Automation Plan

  1. Access a position pipeline
  2. Drag and Drop a name to the Status of which the plan is linked. Or, choose action-add and move the candidate into the appropriate Status. Learn how to move Candidates through the pipeline here.

Bulk Email from the Pipeline

  1. Access the position pipeline you would like to bulk mail to.
  2. Select all names you would like to send the letter to. Please note if you have more than one page of candidates you will need to send the letter multiple times to the pages.
  3. Choose Letter from the action dropdown on your right.
  4. Choose Click to Select a Form Letter
  5. Choose Action-Select for the desired email
  6. Choose which email field you would like to email in Email Field
  7. If you are using multiple email alias’ you may select the appropriate one from the From dropdown.
  8. Your subject will auto populate from the name of the letter, you do have the ability to edit however.
  9. Check to receive a Return Receipt if desired
  10. Choose a Priority level if desired
  11. The Options charm can be used to turn Resend Checking on/off (Do not see resend checking? Click here to learn about the preference which must be turned on the have this feature available.)
  12. Use Attachments to add any additional documents to your email.