The MyPCR screen serves as the ‘welcome’ page in the lower frame of PCRecruiter and can provide quick shortcuts to common stats, lists, and search results. It can be reached via the MyPCR icon in the Main Menu at the top of your screen.

To configure the settings on this panel, use the ‘gear’ icon found in the Action menu at the top of the MyPCR frame.

On the left side of the Configure MyPCR panel you’ll find four blocks: Dashboard, Search Links, Rollup Links, and URL Links.

Dashboard #

  • Today: Enables the ‘Today’ block, which includes:
    • Today’s Schedule: A count of items on the current day’s schedule for your username. Click to jump to the agenda.
    • Web Candidates: A count of Name records entered by the username ‘CANDIDATE’ between midnight and midnight. This is a quick way to find self-entered Names created via the Job Board. After clicking, a dropdown of date ranges appears in the top of the search result panel so that you can find names self-entered in wider date ranges. The ‘Unassociated’ options filter to names which are not tied to any Position Pipelines.
    • New Names: Similar to ‘Web Candidates’, but filtered to names entered by your own Username.
    • Company Activities: A shortcut to Company Activities you created today.
    • Name Activities: A shortcut to Name Activities you created today.
  • Standard Stats: Provides counts and shortcuts for New Positions (all jobs added in the current week), Pending status Positions, Open status Positions, My Interviews This Week (i.e. your Pipeline records this week), My Open Positions, All New Employers Via Web Today (e.g. records entered with username = EMPLOYER) and My Active Positions (a shortcut to your Pipelines).
  • Show “Phone”: Deprecated feature.
  • Show “Planner”: Displays a link to the Planner feature.
  • Startup Screen: Defines what appears in the search/middle frame of PCRecruiter when you first log into the database.

Use this panel to add up to 30 custom Name, Company, or Position record search queries to your MyPCR screen. This is a handy way to access common searches or be notified when specific results occur.

NOTE: All of these searches will run every time you load the MyPCR screen! Adding many searches or complex searches to this page will slow down the loading of the MyPCR page significantly.

  • Link Description: The name by which you’ll identify this custom stat.
  • Advanced Search: Enter your valid SQL search query language into this box. This box responds to special tags for working with dates: Use [LE] for ‘less than or equal to’ and [GE] for ‘greater than or equal to’. You may also indicate floating date ranges like so: #[[-30 days]]#. e.g. date_posted [GE] #[[-7 days]] means dates greater than or equal to seven days before the current date. You may also use [[* hour]] or [[* minutes]]. For more examples, see a list of common queries here.
  • Search Type: Specify whether this query is for the Name, Company, or Position records.
  • Notification Trigger / MyPCR Popup Message: Use these settings to trigger a popup alert to the user if the result count of the Advanced Search is greater than, less than, or equal to the specified number.

Use this area to create shortcuts to up to 20 of your most commonly accessed lists.

  • Alternate Description: Give the list a different name on the MyPCR screen than it appears by in the Rollups area.
  • Rollup List: Select which type of records you wish to see from the ‘Type’ dropdown and use the popup arrow on the adjacent box to select the list itself.
  • Select Counts:
    • Disabled: Show no record count for this list.
    • Unread: Show a count of records not yet clicked on within the list.
    • All: Show a count of total records on the list.
    • Unread/All: Show counts for both unread and total records.

Use this panel to bookmark web pages on your MyPCR screeen. The ‘Description’ box is the name of the site or link and the URL box should contain the website’s address.