Database Outgoing Mail Setup

In some situations PCRecruiter needs to send an email notifications that come ‘from the system’ rather than a specific user. For example, notifying a user when someone applies to a position. PCR requires a valid outgoing email account to use for sending these sorts of emails. To set this up:

  1. Click the System on the Main Toolbar.
  2. Click Email Setup.
  3. Click Outgoing Mail Settings and complete these items:
    • SMTP Server Name: Port: This box should be filled in with the SMTP server info from your email provider. If a specific port number is required, it can be placed after a colon at the end of the name. (ex: or If your SMTP Server box contains, this means that you are using the PCRecruiter hosting servers as an outgoing mail server. While this is functionally acceptably, it can negatively impact email delivery and is not recommended.
    • SMTP Server User Name: The login for the email account you plan to use. In many cases, the email address is the user name.
    • SMTP Server Password: The password that goes with the email account.
    • System Administrator Email: This is the email that will be used as the “from” address on automated emails. You may simply enter an email address alone, or enter the ‘from name’ followed by the email address in < angle brackets >.
    • Please note that these items should be filled in with the username and password for a valid email account, not your PCRecruiter account login and password. If you are unsure of your email server or login details, contact your company’s email administrator.
  4. Optional settings on this screen which you will generally ignore.
    • Mail Type: This is generally left on “PCRMail”. If switched to “Default,” any email links clicked in the system will open a blank mail in the user’s default email account rather than using PCR’s own email sending screens.
    • Free Email Site: This is a deprecated feature and should be left on the default “None” setting.
    • Delay Between Emails: Some servers will reject emails sent to closely in succession. In these cases, a number can be entered into this box to force a delay between connections.
  5. Use the Test Connection button to verify that the account information is correct before saving.