Custom Placements

The new Custom Placement screen gives users the ability to customize the Permanent and Contract Placement screens within PCRecruiter. This includes creating new Custom Placement fields as well as Placement Form Letters.

Creating a Placement Custom Field

  1. Select System from the Main Toolbar
  2. Select Custom Fields
  3. Choose Placement Custom Fields
  4. Use the dropdown on the right to choose Add Custom Field
  5. Enter your new field name
  6. Choose the Action you would like this field to have (No Action, Dropdown, Checkbox, etc. If you are unsure how these function, click here for more details)
  7. Save your field
  8. If you have chosen a field that requires options, choose Default Values and add your value selections.

Customize your Placement Screens

The following steps will need to be followed to setup both Contract and Permanent Placement Screens if utilized.

  1. Place a Candidate on Contract or Permanent Placement (This is done by accessing the Position, choosing Placements, And selecting the type of placement you are adding from the action dropdown).
  2. Open the recorded Placement record
  3. Click the Customize Gear Icon in the bottom left corner to open the customize screen
  4. Use the Columns dropdown to specify the number of columns you would like in your layout (we recommend 2 or 3).
  5. Create Groups which will contain your individual custom or predefined fields. For instance; you can setup a group for ‘Billing’ and in it have Bill Rate, Pay Rate, etc.
    1. Select Add Group
    2. Choose Regular Group
    3. Name the Group
    4. Done
    5. Within your groups select “Click to Set Field” to view a dropdown of field to be added
    6. To remove a field, select it and choose “Delete”
  6. Add Shortcuts which will display large boxes for Splits (if activated) and Scheduled Events.
    1. Select Add a Group
    2. Choose  Shortcut
    3. Done
    4. Use the dropdown to specify what you would like shown.
  7. Add Horizontal Splitter to separate your groups evenly
    1. Select Add Group
    2. Choose Horizontal Splitter
    3. Done
    4. This bar can not be moved to the appropriate location through dragging and dropping
  8. Select Save when finished

Creating and Sending Placement Letters

To create a Placement Form Letter

  1. Select System from the main toolbar
  2. Choose Form Letters
  3. Choose Placement Letters
  4. Use the Action menu dropdown to choose Add Letter
    1. In this window you will create your form letter.
    2. Enter letter Name; this will autopopulate as the email subject
    3. Choose a Username or Global
    4. Sort into a Folder if desired
    5. Use the message body to create the text of the form letter. Here you can use the variou PCRecruiter formatting tools to create your letter as well as “Insert Fields” to add fields from your placement to the letter (Ex. Bill Rate, Start Day, End Day, etc.).
  5. Save

To send a Placement Form Letter

  1. Access a Placement by selecting the Date within the positions Placements tab
  2. Choose Email
  3. Use Template to select your form letter
  4. Enter additional email details
  5. Send when complete