Creating Company Form Letters

Company Letters can be sent to an individual record, rollup list, or a list of search results. They are best used to send voicemail follow ups, request more information, or market to the company.

Creating Company Form Letters:

  1. Click System on main toolbar and select Form Letters from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click on Company Letters.
  3. Click on the plus sign under the dropdown menu on the lower frame on the right hand side of the screen to add a new letter.
  4. Name the document. The name provided auto-populates as the subject of the email. Do not use symbols in the name of the letter.
  5. Type content of letter into the Text box. The toolbar within the Text area provides features for creating the Form Letter:
    • New Document button to remove existing text and start a new letter.
    • Open Document button to find and upload a file on your computer to the PCRecruiter Form Letter area.
    • Save Document button to save a copy of the letter to your computer.
    • Print button to send the letter to your printer.
    • Cut, Copy or Paste buttons to transfer content to and from your clipboard.
    • Left Justify, Center and Right Justify buttons to align selected letter content.
    • Format Paragraph to create headings, numbered lists and ordered lists.
    • Bold, Underline, and Italics buttons to format text.
    • Insert Picture icon to include images.
    • Insert Fields button to insert date, field data, signature, or an Email Opt Out Link .
  6. The User Name field will default to your user name, which means this is a document for your use only. Clear the field if the document should be shared with other users, and the word ‘Global’ will be inserted automatically once the document is saved.
  7. Use the selector to the right of the Folder field to select a folder in which the letter should be saved.
  8. Click SAVE.

Example of Company Form Letters:

Click here to learn how to send a Company Form Letter