Copy Configurations to Users

If you’ve customized your PCRecruiter database then you want to make sure each new or existing user inherits that customization. By default Users do not inherit another user’s customization. Use these directions to copy the settings of one user to another instead of configuring each manually.  Be cautious while using this tool, as to not override a user’s settings.

  1. Click the System icon from the Main Toolbar.
  2. Click Users
  3. Click Copy User Settings
  4. Select Source User Name. (This is the user you are copying from, if the user you would like to copy from does not appear in the dropdown return to their user settings and change Model User to ‘Yes’)
  5. Choose Select All if you would like to copy every option (Excludes Form Letters)
  6. Choose Save as Default to save your selections, this will save your options for the next time you are copying settings.
  7. Select which settings to copy:

User Records

  • Security: Use this option to copy another user’s security settings to this user (Add, Save, Delete, etc.)
  • Preferences: Use this option to copy another user’s preference settings to this user (Auto write activities, merge records, auto display options, etc.)
  • Security Policy: Use this option to copy only the Security Policy section of another user’s setup (Password expires, account is disabled, user must change password, etc. – this is typically not used as these are mostly very specific settings)
  • International Settings: This option copies a user’s international settings to a new user (Country Name, Country Code, Default Area Code, etc.)

Name, Company, Position Records

  • Layout – MyPCR: This will copy any custom queries from the Source Usernames MyPCR screen to the target user
  • Record Card – Name, Company, Position: Record Cards are used to display your recently viewed records. This option will copy the fields and quick action icons that are displayed
  • Activity Defaults – Name, Company, Position: Use this option to copy the Activity Screen defaults (Copy to Company, show/hide fields and add to schedule)


  • Pipeline Configuration: Copies the pipeline column headers, rows displayed, and additional details – This does not include Interview Types and Status’ as those are automatically applied to all users in the database
  • Placement Layouts: Copy custom Placement screen layouts (Including Permanent and Contract Placements)

Rollup Lists

  • Copy Rollup List Layout: Use this option to copy a custom rollup layout, this will include headers, I Want To options, and rows per page
  • Copy Rollup Stage Setup: Copy the rollup stages used when working a rollup to identify their current stage in your process.

Pins and Actions

  • Pinned Navigations and Action Icons: Within the many PCRecruiter dropdowns, you have the ability to pin/unpin desired icons – this option will copy those icon pin settings

Form Letters

  • Copy From Letters: Copies all form letters (Note, this will not be selected when using the ‘Select All’ option as this should only be used when copying settings between databases)


  1. Select Target Database (Only use this option if the copy is to a secondary database)
  2. Select the User(s) to inherit the copied settings
  3. Click Save