Company, Name and Position Layout Configuration

It is best to customize your Name, Company, and Position record layouts in your database to display record information in a way which works best for you.

Customizing Record Layouts is Commonly used to:

  1. Standardize information
  2. Remove unused fields
  3. Display custom niche fields you have created in the database
  4. Add a viewing pane for notes, activities, or interviews to your records front screen

How to Customize your Record Layouts

  1. Open a record for the type you wish to customize (Company, Name or Position).
  2. Click the Customize action icon to open the Customize screen
  3. Use the Columns dropdown to specify the number of columns you would like in your layout (We recommend 3)
  4. Use the Social Networking dropdown to Show/Hide the toolbar from your layout
  5. Move/Copy to Other Database/User is used to move records between databases. Select One Click Setup to Configure.
  6. Create Groups which will contain your individual fields, for instance a Group would be Contact Info or Salary Requirements. Select Add Group, choose Regular Group and give the group a name before selecting Done. You may also choose to add a Shortcut as well, this will allow you to choose a list of viewing options to avoid navigating to each area separately; such as the notes, interviews, keywords, etc.
  7. To select a field to display, click in the Group then select ‘Click to set field’ to view a dropdown of predefined and custom field.
  8. Drag and drop fields to any area within the group.
  9. To remove a field click the field name and choose the Delete Field link which will appear.
  10. You may add additional tabs as well by utilizing the add option, these tabs are managed through Manage Tabs located in the action toolbar on your right.
  11. Select Savecustomize_record_layout

Special Record Layout Customizations

Based on the type of record layout you are customizing, there are some special options available.

Name Records

Select Configure Status to choose which status options are available for your name records

ReferenceOn AssignmentCandidateEmployeeInternal
Hiring AuthorityManagerOffer AcceptedPlacedContractor/Temp
Developed/QualifiedSubmittedUnverifiedVendorNot Available

Position Records

Here you have an option to Configure Job Sharing in the action toolbar. This allows you to choose which websites are available for you to post to.

DeliciousDirect URLApply URLEmbeded Link