Click to Dial

The new “TEL Tag” will allow almost any phone system to dial using the Phone Icon to the right of any phone number in a PCRecruiter Phone field.

Set the Default Phone Application


  1. Select Start from the bottom left corner of your machine
  2. Begin type “Default Protocol”
  3. Select “Choose a default app for each protocol”
  4. Scroll down to TEL
  5. Click “Choose a Default” directly to the right
  6. Select the phone you would like to use (such as skype)
  7. Close


  1. Open Facetime application
  2. Click FaceTime in the top left menu
  3. Click preferences
  4. At the bottom of the preferences menu, use the drop down to select the default calling application.

Using the Dialer

  1. Access any record in PCR
  2. Locate a phone field that is populated with a valid phone number and hover over it
  3. Click the phone icon
  4. An add activity screen will appear (For quick activity writing access) and the external app will launch dialing the specified number.