Call Plans

Call plans give you the ability to add rollup lists, or chunks of them, to your schedule. This allows you to block off times of your day to dedicate to these calls.

Creating a Plan

  1. Select Rollups from your main navigation toolbar
  2. Choose the Rollup you wish to plan for
  3. Select All records on the list, or the desired records
  4. In the action menu on the right, select Plan
  5. Use this screen to set the details for your plan, these will appear on your schedule
  6. Choose AddCreating a plan

Using your Plan

  1. Select Schedule from your main navigation toolbar
  2. Use the Schedule to locate your plan
  3. Choose Open Plan
    1. Select Edit Plan to add/remove names from your plan if necessary
  4. Begin your calls while using the Status column to identify the result of the call (Don’t have your status column customized? Click here to learn how!)
  5. When your allotted time for the day has past choose Merge Plan from the action menu, selecting this action will remove names from your plan which are set not to merge. This action, for example, will remove people who were not interested or not qualified. Click here to learn how to configure merge settings.
  6. Create a new plan with the newly created list of names.call_plans