Bulk Email

Bulk emailing allows you to mass send resumes to a rollup list or a list of search results. The following steps will allow you to send a Name, Company, or Position Letter.

  1. Access a  Name rollup list or a group of Name search results
  2. Select the desired names to send your letter to
  3. Choose the Letter icon from the Action toolbarimage (17)
  4. Choose Click to Select a Form Letter
  5. Choose Action-Select for the desired email
    1. If you wish to send a Position letter you must choose “Attach POS” first and select the Position you would like referenced.
  6. Choose which email field you would like to send to in Email Field
  7. If you are using multiple email alias’ you may select the appropriate one from the From dropdown.
  8. Your subject will auto populate from the name of the letter, you do have the ability to edit appropriately
  9. Check to receive a Return Receipt if desired
  10. Choose a Priority level if desired
  11. The Options charm can be used to turn Resend Checking on/off (Do not see resend checking? Click here to learn about the preference which must be turned on the have this feature available.)
  12. Use Attachments to add any additional documents to your email.image (18)