Broadbean is a job board which allows you to post a position to their website that allows job seekers to search and apply to them online.

Configuring your database to post positions to Broadbean

1.) Click the System tab, Web Extensions Classic, and then Job Board List. (Note: You can type “Job Board List” in the search box to quickly find this in the System section)
2.) Place a checkmark in the box corresponding to Broadbean and click Save. (If Broadbean does not appear in this list contact your PCRecruiter Representative)

Configuring users for Broadbean posting

Every user who will be sending jobs to Broadbean must be configured with a username and password.
1.) Login to PCRecruiter as the user will be posting to Broadbean.
2.) Go to any position record.
3.) Click the Post Job icon in the upper right hand corner of the position record.
4.) Next to Broadbean in the column labeled “I want to…” select the Action dropdown and select Configure.
5.) Enter your Broadbean login credentials (username and password) and click Save.

Posting jobs to Broadbean

1.) Open a position record you wish to post.
2.) Click the Post Job icon.
3.) With a checkmark placed in the row that contains Broadbean click Next.
4.) At the next screen where the job title is displayed click Save in the bottom left hand corner.
5.) Click Post and it will take you to another screen asking which sites you wish to post to. Select the individual site you wish to post the position to or select the check box that says All Sites Below if you wish to post to all of them and click Continue.
6.) The next screen will have additional fields to fill out. Ones marked with a * are required and must be populated.
7.) Scroll to the bottom and click Continue.
8.) The next screen will allow you to review all the information about the position along with when you wish to have it posted, the contact details, and time period that it will be online.
9.) Click Send Advert to complete the posting process.
10.) Close the window to exit the posting wizard.

Removing a position from Broadbean

1.) Open the position record that is posted to Broadbean’s job board.
2.) Click the Post Job icon.
3.) With a checkmark placed in the row that contains Broadbean click Next.
4.) Click Remove in the bottom left corner.
5.) A message will appear saying that your post was successfully removed. Click the Close Window button to exit the posting wizard.