Basic Search

There are two types of data that can be searched within your database: field data and indexed text.  Examples of field data are First Name, Last Name, Title, State, etc.  Indexed Text are your Resumes, Notes, Keywords, Summary, Candidate Profiles, and Job Descriptions.

  1. Select the type of record (Company, Name or Position) icon from the Main Toolbar which you would like to search. This will display a search form in which you can filter your search using up to 3 fields and/or keywords.
  2. Three fields will display by default (Learn how to change your defaults). To search a different field, use the dropdown to find and select the desired field.
  3. Enter search terms in the box to filter by indexed text.
  4. Click Search. If you searched indexed text your results will sort by relevancy to the search terms.

Tips for searching fields:

  • By default, PCRecruiter will find results that start with the value you enter. Use percentage symbol (%) before the value to search fields that contain the value rather than starts with. For example, searching the Title field %engineer will names where Engineer and Director of Engineering are in the title.
  • Use a comma to separate multiple values when field searching. For example, search the State field for OH,MI,IN
  • You can also use a combination of commas and percentages. For example: %HR,%human resources
  • Learn how to search the Status field here

Tips for searching indexed text:

Boolean Operator When to Use Example
OR Using OR broadens a search to include results that contain either of the search terms you specify. OR is a good tool to use when there are several common spellings or synonyms of a word “human resources” OR HR
AND Using AND narrows a search to include results that contain both the search terms you specify. “mechanical engineer” AND aerospace
” “ Use quotes to find a search terms as a phrase “human resources”
NOT Using NOT will narrow results by excluding search terms. NOT returns results that contain one, but not the other of the search terms you enter. sales NOT manager
( ) Use parenthesis ( ) to group relative search terms. (nurse or RN) AND (“intensive care unit” OR ICU)
NEAR Use NEAR to find results based on proximity of words.  The number after NEAR denotes the maximum number of words apart. “mechanical NEAR5 engineer”