Automation Plans for Profiles

You may associate a Knockout or Success Automation Plan to Profiles. By creating these types of Automation Plans, you can automatically trigger actions based on responses to questions in the profile. This is commonly used to trigger actions for completing the form, or to trigger a different set of questions if the candidate enters a ‘knockout’ answer.

  1. Click System
  2. Click Candidate Web Setup
  3. Click Automation Plans.
    1. If you have not yet configured any Automation Plans, this area will be empty. If you have Plans in place already, you may edit them by selecting them in the list provided, or delete them with the provided buttons.
  4. To create a new plan, begin by clicking the Add action icon.
  5. Enter a Plan Name. This name is for your own reference and will not be visible to the candidate.
  6. Set the ‘Perform Action When’ dropdown to ‘Profiles’
  7. Enable an action by clicking checkbox at the right of the action description header row. Options include:
    1. Send a plain text email to the person completing the form (by leaving blank) or entering a specific email address
    2. Add the name record to a name rollup.
    3. Send a form letter to the person completing the form by leaving the To line blank or entering a specific email address
    4. Add an appointment to a user’s schedule
    5. Write a specific activity
    6. Write Detail (populate the contents of a custom field)  
    7. Change the Status field on the Name record:
    8. Append text to Keywords
    9. Append text to Notes
    10. Send the person a link to a complete a different Profile
    11. Move the candidate to a specific folder in the Pipeline (Please note that this action can only be triggered when a candidate is completing the profile via web extensions to apply for a position)
  8. Click Save.
  9. Go to System > Database Setup > Profile Setup, then click Action > Edit to open the profile form.
  10. Click the Automations icon at the left and go to the ‘On Completion Settings’ section.
  11. In the Knockout Plan dropdown, select the Automation Plan to trigger if the candidate enters at least one “Knockout’ answer.
  12. In the Success Plan dropdown, select the Automation Plan to trigger if the candidate does not select a Knockout answer.
  13. Click the Save action icon at the top right of the Edit Profile screen.