Approving Timesheets

An approver is required for all submitted timesheets.

Without Approver Login

  1. The approver will automatically receive an email once a contractor has submitted their hours.
  2. Select the link to approve hours “Approve Hours For Contractor Name
  3. Approver will need to enter their initials and PIN if required as well as mark the timesheet as “Approve Hours” or “Do Not Approve Hours
  4. Submit your response by selecting the link at the bottom of the timesheet

With Approver Login

  1. Provide Approver with the appropriate login URL and credentials
  2. Approver accesses the link and logs in accordingly
  3. Select Approve Contractor Hours
  4. Use the dropdown to choose the appropriate link
  5. Select the appropriate Contractor timesheet
  6. Approver must enter their initials and PIN (If required) and choose to approve timesheet or not.
  7. Approver will need to repeat this for all contractors