Analytics Securities

Use the User Security screen to determine which users have access to Analytics within your database. Note: You must be an Analytics Power User to access this area

  1. Select the Administration tab on your Analytics Menu
  2. Choose User Security
  3. This screen will list all users within your PCR database
  4. Locate the user whose Security you would like to set
  5. Set the user’s Report Security appropriately by utilizing the dropdown
    • Full Admin – Allows user to view all filter options as well as the Administration tab in the Analytics Menu
    • Filter by Anything – Allows user to use any filters for Analytics but does NOT give them access to the administration tab.
    • Filter only by related teams and users – Filter options are available to these users, but only to items they are directly related. For instance if they are a member of Team A they cannot filter to see users on Team B
    • No User or Team Filters – User can only see their specific analytics
  6. Select Save to set your securities

NOTE: An admin PCRecruiter User must also allow full permission to any user wishing to view the analytics in the standard user security screen.