Add to Rollup Based on Answer

Adding to a Rollup Based on Answer

The record can be added to a Rollup based on the entry or selection of a pre-defined answer. For example, if your questions asks the person to select their job function from a list of options, the can be added to the Rollup you have created to group these types of individuals.  There are two ways in which this can be accomplished.

  • Option 1: embed code with the answer.  This is the recommended method since you can route the candidate to different rollups based on each answer selected.  You’ll first need to find the Rollup Id Code. This can be found in Advanced Name Search by using the search by name rollup.  When you select the rollup name, a Rollup ID (rather than the rollup name) is displayed. You’ll use this code for the rollup mapping.  When setting up the answer, put the rollup code within double brackets, followed by 2 exclamation marks, then the answer option to be visible.  The exclamation marks and preceding text are not visible.
    • [[ADMIN.0029]]!!Accounting/Finance
  • Option 2: use the ‘Desired Answer’ field and the Add to Rollup field. However, this method will only allow you to route to a rollup list for one answer to the question.

PCRecruiter also provides automation plans for profiles based on a successful or knockout completion of the profile form. The Automation Plan for profiles option will allow you to put the name on a rollup list upon completing the form, along with other defined actions