Activity Defaults

Activity Defaults can be found by selecting the Gear Icon in the lower left corner of the Add Activity screen. To access this screen select a  Record and choose the Add Activity Icon from the action toolbar to the right. The defaults in this screen will affect the type of record currently selected moving forward.


  • Activity Type – When creating an activity, rather than “SYSTEM-System Generated Activity” appearing in the Activity Type selector the selected Activity Type will default.
  • Paste Full Description – Shows the description of the activity in the Activity Textbox
  • Place on Schedule – Automatically place every activity made on your schedule
  • Alarm Notification- Prompts an alarm to appear at the time designated by the Alarm Increment option if desired
  • Alarm Increment – How long before the activity an alarm will appear
  • Schedule Duration – Length of event on your schedule
  • Show options for activities – Items listed as show will appear in the Activity Textbox upon creating the activity:
    • Name
    • Phone
    • Fax
  • Create Separate Follow-Up Activity – Selects the option to create a separate activity for follow up (Rather than it appearing in the activity text box)
  • Follow-Up Activity Type – You must use this option when using “Create Separate Follow-Up Activity” this dictates the additional activity that is written
  • Default User Selection – The users selected will have the follow-up added to their schedule
  • Follow-Up Duration – How long the follow-up will be on your schedule
  • Auto Schedule Follow-Up – Number of days between the initial schedule item and the automatic follow-up
  • Show Shared Activity – Enables ability to copy the activity to a name record

Event Types (Schedule Colors)

From the same screen where users can configure their activity defaults, each user can also configure the color options available when scheduling an activity or a follow-up. To do so, just click into “Enter Label” for the color you would like to use and assign a label (Such as Meeting, Out of Office, Follow-up, etc). Once a color has a label the color and label will appear in the color selector when adding an activity.