Interview Defaults

When creating interviews in PCRecruiter, you have the ability to show/hide available fields, as well as set a few select defaults.

  1. Select a Position Record
  2. Select Pipeline from the navigation toolbar on the left
  3. Selection Action, followed by Add to access the Add Interview screen
  4. In the bottom left hand corner, select the Customize gear icon
    1. Default Interview Type/Status: This selection will be the default Interview Type/Status upon adding an interview.
    2. Default Place Appointment on Schedule *New*
      • Yes: Places all interviews on users schedule
      • Yes w/Followup: Places all interviews on users schedule as well as a 3 day followup
      • No: No events are added to users schedule
    3. Show/Hide Columns
      • Arranged Date/Time: Shows/Hides Arranged Date/Time when adding an interview
      • Bill/Pay Rate: Shows/Hides Bill/Pay Rate fields
      • Employer Options: Shows/Hides the option for “Visible on Web” which controls the candidate interview being visible on our Manager Portal (when enabled)
      • Feedback: Option to enter feedback
      • Guarantee: Option to enter Guarantee
      • Interviewer Name: Option to enter one or more interviews
      • Notes: Option to enter notes
      • Status Visible to Candidate/Referrer: Option to add Notes which will be visible on our Manager Portal (when enabled)
    4. Activities
      • Copy Feedback to Activities: Writes any interview feedback to interview activity
      • Copy Guarantee to Activities: Writes Guarantee information to interview activity

Copy Notes to Activities: Writes Notes to Interview activity