Global Rollup Stages

Global Rollup Stages can be configured and used database wide. This feature eliminates the need for each user to create their own stages or have an admin user copy stages to them.

Create Global Rollup Stages

Global Rollup Stages will need to be setup by a PCRecruiter admin user.

  1. Select System from the main toolbar
  2. Select Database Setup
  3. Select Rollup List Global Stage Setup
  4. Select the Rollup Stage Template from the dropdown
    1. This will be used to identify the type of rollup list the stages will be used for.
    2. By choosing the ‘+’ icon, you can add additional templates providing a fresh blank set of stages each time a stage is created.
    3. Examples could be Marketing, Sourcing, etc.
  5. Once a template option is selected, select the record type these stages will apply to (Names, Companies or Positions)
  6. Configure the rollup stages – click here for more details

Once all of the stages have been configured, switch the toggle to “ON” to enable this feature database wide. It is crucial that the stages are configured prior to enabling this feature or users will not see any configured stages.

Assign Global Stages to a Rollup

When creating a new rollup list, a user will choose if they would like to assign Global Stages to it.

  1. Choose Rollups from the main toolbar
  2. Choose Add Rollup from the action items on the right
  3. Enter a Rollup Name
  4. Change Global Stages to “Yes”
  5. Upon doing so, the stage template dropdown becomes available; select the template that should be applied to the rollup stages on that particular rollup list.
  6. Save your list to begin using your new rollups stages as usual.