Resume Inhaler


The Resume Inhaler is a PC application that can automatically import Word, PDF, TXT, HTML and RTF resume files from MS Outlook or a Windows directory as Name records in your PCRecruiter database. It must be installed and running on a desktop computer to perform the import. Download the latest installation file here. If you are unsure of your license key, please reach out to your PCRecruiter representative.

Connecting a Source Folder

  1. Once the Resume Inhaler is installed onto your machine you will want to double click on the icon that appears on your desktop to open the application. Anytime it is open already and the popup window is not appearing on your screen you can right click on the green “N” icon and choose show application.
  2. Once the application window is open. Towards the bottom of the Inhaler screen is a field called “Mail Type/Folder”. Click on the dropdown arrow in that field and choose your email type. If you use Microsoft Outlook, be sure to choose “Outlook”… if you use Outlook Express, choose MAPI Compatible. If you use the PCRecruiter Internal Email Client, select PCR Mail. If you are connecting directly to an internal MAPI server, select MAPI Server.
  3. The next field to the right should contain, “Default Folder (INBOX)”. Click the “Browse” button to the right of that field to choose the e-mail folder from which you’d like to inhale. You may inhale from Inbox, or any subfolder of Inbox.
  4. If you check the “Process Emails in Subfolders” box, the Resume Inhaler will search for resumes in all subfolders of the folder you have selected, with the exception of the folders named “Deleted Items”, “Bad”, “Dupl” and “Imported”.

You may inhale from a folder on your computer as well by clicking the “Browse” button next to the “Resume Directory” field and browsing to the folder of choice.

Use Job ID From Folder Name

The Inhaler will attempt to link incoming candidates to jobs based on Job IDs in the subject line of the email. You may acheive greater control and accuracy by grouping resumes into labeled folders. The resume Inhaler can automatically assign candidates to particular jobs (creating an Interview record) based on the name of the folder that the resume is found in. To activate this feature:

  1. Open the Inhaler.
  2. Check the Process Emails in subfolders box.
  3. Go to Actions > Rules > Options. Check the Use JobID from Folder Name box.
  4. Open Outlook and create new folders for each position to which candidates will be linked. Append Job #JOBID to the name of Outlook folder. For example, any resumes found by the Inhaler in an Outlook folder called “Job #ABC222” would be linked to the job with ID of “ABC222” in your database after the Inhale has completed. The ‘Interview Type’ will be ‘Presentation’ and ‘Interview Status’ will be ‘LINKNAME’. This candidate will appear as ‘New’ in the Pipeline’s ‘Inbox’.

Please note that the following will also cause the candidate to be linked to the position when inhaled:

  • Resume text contains Job_ref_code, monster job #, job id:, tracking information, or job #.
  • Subject of email contains job#, job #, req#, req #, reference: job id:, or req id:.

Finding Inhaled Names

Once the Resume has been imported into the database by the Resume Inhaler to find those names quickly you can go to the MYPCR screen and click new names search result query. The status on each name record will be listed as unverified. You will want to confirm the name record contact information and mark the name as a candidate status on the record itself. In the activities of the name record it will appear with ADDNAME as the record was added into the database and INHALER as an activity result code description.