Mobile App: Setup

Table of Contents

Installation and Setup #

  1. To install the app, launch the app store from your Android or iOS device and search for “PCRecruiter”
  2. Once the app is downloaded you will need to enter your entire URL (Ex. and select Save
  3. Enter your PCRecruiter Username, Password, and the Database you would like to access (using the dropdown), sign in.

At any time you may select the PCRecruiter icon in the top left corner to access a list of your recently viewed Names, Companies, and Positions.

PCRecruiter’s 2FA and Automations functions can send Push Notifications to the PCRecruiter mobile app. The user must have successfully logged into the PCRecruiter App at least once for this method to work. The app does not need to be open to receive Push Notifications, but the app’s notifications must be enabled on the device. If the app’s cache has been cleared or the app has been uninstalled and reinstalled, the user must log in again before Notifications will work.