Use Profiles Externally

Profiles can be filled out by candidates and/or managers to enter information into the database. These profiles can be setup as part of your web extensions, or emailed to a name record to complete. If you would like to make a profile part of your web extensions click here to learn how, here we will discuss sending a profile link in an email. No matter the source, upon completion the profile can be found in the attachments of the name record.

Send Profile Link in Email

  1. Open a basic email screen, do this by accessing a name record, hovering over the email and choosing the envelope icon.
  2. Compose your email as you would typically
  3. Choose the Send Options Charm on the left
  4. Use the Attach Profile dropdown to choose the profile you would like sent
  5. Send your emailattach_profile

Send Profile Link in Form Letter

This option is to be used when you would like to include a profile form in a template.

  1. Select System from the main toolbar
  2. Choose Form Letters
  3. Select the type of letter you would like to create. Not sure which letter is right for you? Click here and we will help.
  4. Create your form letter as usual
  5. Select Insert field and look for your desired profile.
  6. Select Insert
  7. This link will now be included anytime this form letter is sent. To learn how to customize the text of the link, click here.profile_form_letter