Viewing Timesheets

You have the ability to manually send an email notification to a contractor who has not submitted their timesheet.

    1. Select Contract from the main toolbar
    2. Select Hours from the navigation toolbar
    3. Use the dropdown to choose the current week
    4. Select Search from the action toolbar
    5. Here you can view several details about your contractor


  • Freq – Pay period i.e. Weekly, bi-weekly, etc.
  • Name – View name record of contractor
  • Assignment Beg/End – Shows the assignment begin date and end date, selecting the link will also show you the placment.
  • Company – The company for which the contractor is currently on assignment
  • Title – The position the contractor is placed for
  • Bill Rate – Amount to be billed
  • Pay Rate – Amount to be payed
  • Hours – Total hours for the week
  • AGP/HR – Annual Gross Profit per Hour
  • Status – Shows the current status of the timesheet


      1. Remind: Timesheets has not yet been submitted by the contractor. Select the link to send a reminder letter.
      2. Yes: Contractor has submitted their timesheet but it has not yet been approved
      3. Yes*: Contractor has submitted their timesheet and it has been approved by the approver