View User Logins

Use this report to view major database events by User.

Events Tracked

Adding a User Deleting Activities Deleting a User Applying a Global Change Printing a company Rollup
Adding a Group Deleting Companies Deleting a Group Changing a User Password Printing a name Rollup
Adding a Database Deleting Names Editing a User Login Attempt Failure Printing a Position Rollup
Updating a Database Deleting Positions Exporting a Rollup Successful Login Running a SQL Query in the SQL Workbench

How to Run a User Login Report

  1. Click System from the main toolbar
  2. Click Data Management
  3. Click Logging Options
  4. Enter Begin Date
  5. Enter End Date
  6. Optional: Select a Database
  7. Optional: Select a User Name
  8. Optional: Select a Log Action
  9. Optional: Enter an IP Address
  10. Click the Search action icon

Example User Login Results