Use this option to standardize a list of job titles to be used while entering Name or Positions records. This table is recognized if you use Job Title (Locked) in your layout.

Add Titles Manually

  1. Click the System icon on the Main Toolbar.
  2. Click Database Setup.
  3. Click Titles.
  4. Select method to add to the table:
  5. Click the Add action icon add a single title by typing.
  6. Click the Import action icon to add titles by importing a list.
  7. Click Save.image (11)

Import a List of Titles

  1. Create a spreadsheet of titles that has three columns, a category, a code, and a description for the titles that need importing and save the excel spreadsheet as a CSV Commas Delimited prior to importing.
  2. In PCR click System tab
  3. Click Manage Field Data
  4. Click Titles
  5. Click on the lower far right dropdown menu and choose IMPORT
  6. Click on the BROWSE button and select your spreadsheet file and click SAVE.
  7. Refresh the titles area by clicking back on the system tab and going back into the titles area again.image (12)