Security Policy

The Security Policy section allows admin users to manage user accounts on a more advanced level

  • Account is Disabled – user is not able to log into the database
  • User Cannot Change Password – removes the option to change password from the dropdown in the top right corner (next to their username)
  • Account is NOT locked out – this box will automatically become checked when a user has attempted to login too many times. To unlock their account uncheck the box and select save (And probably change their password in the Information charm!)
  • Hash Password at Database Level – Encrypts the password, by default this option is turned on for our ASP customers whether this is selected or not. Self Hosted clients will want to check this option if desired.
  • User must change password at next login – Upon next login, the user will be promped to change their password
  • Password Expires – Causes password to expire and require resent after a predetermined amount of time.