Job Information

Job Information templates are used to send information regarding a position to a name record or list of name records

  1. Access the position whose information you would like to populate the letter
  2. Choose Email from the action menu
  3. Use the Template button to choose the appropriate template
  4. Enter the Subject of the Email
  5. Choose any additional settings
    1. Use email to compose your email, enter your subject and complete your To/CC/BCC
    2. Use send options to send as a meeting request, request a return receipt, and choose a level of importance. You can also choose to mark as private email, or combine all attachments into a single PDF document. The final option here allows you to send this email to a rollup list by selecting that rollup from the dropdown
    3. Attachments allows you to add files stored locally on your machine.
    4. PCR Files allows you to choose global or position attachments related to the record.
  6. Select Send to send your emailjob_info_letter