Job Board Analytics

PCRecruiter works in conjunction with Google Universal Analytics to bring you additional stats in relation to your PCR Job Board. In order to utilize this feature you will need:

  • An active Google Analytics (UA) account (GA4 support is forthcoming)
  • The current version of the PCRecruiter Job Board installed on a Landing Page.
  • If you are using WordPress, you will need the current version of the PCRecruiter Extensions plugin.
  • PCRecruiter Analytics

Once you have verified you have all the requirements you will do the following:

Set Up the Job Board Analytics

analytics authorization
Before you are able to start collecting data from your Job Board you will want to link your PCR account to your Google Analytics account:

  1. Contact your PCRecruiter representative to have the Google Analytics activated for your Job Board at no additional charge.
  2. Log in to the PCR Analytics as a full Analytics Admin
  3. Choose the Administration tab. (If you do not see this tab, you are not logged in as an admin user.)
  4. Choose Google Analytics
  5. Sign up for Google Analytics (if you have not done so yet); this will direct you to the Google Analytics sign up screen.
    1. If you have not already done so, install the Google Analytics tracking code on your website. See Google’s documentation for instructions.
    2. Update the PCRecruiter frame code on your website. If you are using WordPress, update the PCRecruiter Extensions plugin to the latest version and then add analytics=”true” to your PCRecruiter shortcode. If you are not using WordPress, manually add analytics=”true” to your iframe.
  6. Choose the option to Connect to Your Google Analytics Account
    1. Sign in with Google
    2. Choose your Google account
    3. Allow
  7. Wait for Web Traffic to Appear; read on to see what this will look like in your PCR Analytics!

View your data in the Analytics

When viewing any of the Analytics you may add any additional filters you desire by selecting the filter option at the top of the screen. The filters that will be available for the Job Board Analytics are:

  • Database
  • User
  • Team
  • Company Name
  • Position Title
  • Position Status
  • Name Status
  • Company Rollup
  • Name Rollup
  • Position Rollup

The Job Board Analytics will now be displayed in numerous places in your PCRecruiter Analytics:

Applies by Source

This view will allow you to see which sources your applicants are coming from over a set period. It will also highlight your “Top Sources” to see which of your attempts to market to candidates are working most efficiently.

The Source data is based on the referring domain according to Google Analytics (i.e. the last domain the jobseeker’s browser was visiting prior to reaching the job board). If you are using Google Campaigns, the source will pick up the utm_source parameter from the URL instead of the referring domain.

  1. Select Analytics from the main toolbar
  2. Choose Job Postings
  3. Choose Applies by Source

If you choose a Top Source, you can view the applicants and choose to Export the list or create a Rollup.

Apply List

This view will show you the actual applicants whom have came through the selected source.

  1. Select Analytics from the main toolbar
  2. Choose Job Postings
  3. Choose Apply List
  4. Select the Source you wish to view applicants for

Once you have selected a source and displayed applicants; you will see that you can select name records for Export or Rollup List creation.

Job Board Activity

The Job Board Activity section focuses on how effective your Job Board is; for instance, are you generating a lot of traffic, but only 20% of those people are applying? Are applicants beginning the apply process but decide it is too cumbersome and do not finish? This is where you can see those details.

  1. Select Analytics from the main toolbar
  2. Choose Job Postings
  3. Choose Job Board Activity

The Apply Progress section will display the following:

  • Job Board Visits: The job board Search has been viewed
  • Job Views: An applicant has selected a job from the search results to view additional details, for example the Job Description
  • Initiated Apply: The apply option has been selected for a particular job
  • Completed Apply: Apply process was completed by applicant
  • Incomplete Apply: Apply was selected, but the registration was not completed.
  • Bounces: Apply option was not selected

The Activity Over Time graph will display the following:

  • Job Views
  • Applies by Returning Candidate
  • Applies by New Candidate


Additional Information

There are two additional areas you can use to view your newly collected data:

Name Source

This option will allow you to view the source of a name record and their apply history over time.

  1. Select a name record
  2. Choose Job Board Analytics from the action dropdown on the right

Position Sources

This option allows you to see Source data, Apply Sources and Applies over Time, for a particular position from its record.

  1. Select a position record
  2. Choose Job Board Analytics from the action dropdown on the right

Analytics Events

When PCRecruiter tracks activity in Google Analytics, it does so via custom Events. While most users will not need to view or analyze this data, advanced users of Google Analytics or Google Data Studio may find this information helpful in building custom searches or reports.

  • Event Action will contain the relevant step in the process
  • Event Label will be the 15-digit database key for the relevant job.
  • Event Category will indicate the database and account.

The possible Event Actions are:

  • formaction_landingpage – the initial load of the job board
  • formaction_detail – the viewing of a specific job’s page
  • formaction_list – the viewing of a search results or job list
  • formaction_oauthapply – the viewing of the apply options / social networks page
  • formaction_showregistrationform – the loading of the register/apply forms
  • formaction_attachmentupload – the loading of the resume or attachment popup window
  • formaction_showthankyouscreen – the final step of the apply process
  • formaction__submitregistrationform__new – a completed first-time applicant