Interview Types

Interview Types are the umbrella stage a candidate may be placed in during the applicant tracking process. Underneath Interview Types are the Interview Status Codes, which better define the stage. These two halves make one whole Interview Record in PCRecruiter’s Pipeline.
For instance, a candidate may be placed into an Short List Interview Type to signify they are being considered for the position. The Interview Status Code qualifies this by being more specific as to where in the Short List stage the candidate is such as Submitted to Account Manager or Submitted to Client.interview_types

How to Rename & Hide Unused Interview Types

  1. Click System from the main toolbar
  2. Click Database Setup
  3. Choose Pipeline Setup
  4. Select Rename Interview Types from the action dropdown on the right
  5. Enter a new label for each Interview Type by adding a Code and Description
  6. Click HIDE to remove unused Interview Types from the Pipeline View
  7. Click Saverename interview types