IBM Kenexa Assess

IBM Kenexa Assess is a third party integration giving users the ability to send assessments during the pipeline process. Please note; you do need to have an IBM Kenexa account to move forward with this integration. Once you have an account, contact PCRecruiter Support to activate this function.

Using Kenexa Assess

It is recommended that you use sample data at first when testing Kenexa (i.e. your name and email address).

Sending an Assessment from Name Record

  1. Go to a Name Record
  2. From the action menu select Kenexa Assessment Request
  3. Confirm email address is correct
  4. Click Next
  5. Select Alias Address
  6. Change Subject (or leave as is)
  7. Change Body of Email
    • You may add/delete/edit the text
    • Do Not edit the fields in brackets
  8. Confirm that your Signature or Stationery is correct
  9. Click Next
  10. Search and Check each Assessment you would like to send
    • Search by Description or Type
  11. Optional:  You may click on View Selected Assessments to view all assessments that you have checked prior to going to the next page
  12. Click Request Assessments when done. Email will be sent at this time.

Sending an Assessment from a Pipeline

  1. Go to a Position Record with Candidates in the Pipeline
  2. Drag and Drop one or more Candidates into the Invited folder
  3. Confirm email addresses are correct
  4. Click Next
  5. Confirm the Alias Address, Subject, and Body are all correct (email is sent as BCC)
  6. Click Next
  7. Search and Check each Assessment you would like to send
  8. Click Request Assessments

Please Note:  Candidates will move to the Completed folder when they have finished all of requested assessments.


From the Pipeline, Click on Results for any candidate that has been sent and/or filled out an Assessment. Please note the Kenexa field will need to be showing in your Pipeline Layout
From the Name Record, Select Kenexa Assessment Results from the dropdown on the right.

Assessment Section options

Link Expiration
When an assessment list is requested the link returned is given an expiration date (this is in Prove It).
If PCR determines the link has not expired:

  • Status: Available
  • Resend Assessment Link Action shows on top Right

If PCR determines the Assessment has expired

  • Status: Expired
  • Resend Link does not appear

Assessment Scores

  • For most Assessments a value is returned for the question vs questions answered correctly. A percentage value is also returned.   The color of the score image is based off of the percentage.
  • Some assessments return with no actual score.

View Details Results

  • Each assessments includes a View Detailed Results link. When clicked it loads your website with the results.

Resend Email Page

  • When emailed from this screen the Assessment link used will be only for the request which was clicked in. It will not resend every link.

Request New Assessment

  • The ability to request a new assessment has been set on this screen as well. Assessments requested here will not move the record for any pipeline they may be in.