Downloading/Uploading a Profile

You may download a current profile’s question layout as a .txt file, which can then be uploaded again to create duplicate or slightly altered profile forms in the same or other database. You may also download the profile .txt file for backup purposes.

Downloading Profile

  1. Click System on the main toolbar.
  2. Click Database Setup.
  3. Click Profile Setup
  4. Click the Edit link corresponding to the profile to download.
  5. Click the Download Profile action icon at the right.
  6. Note the download location and file name.
  7. Uploading a Profile
  8. Click System on the main toolbar.
  9. Click Database Setup.
  10. Click Profile Setup.
  11. Click Add.

The ‘Upload Profile’ action is not visible until a name is entered into the ‘Edit Profile’ screen. You can keep ‘New Profile’ or any text in the Profile Name field since the name and configuration will be overwritten when the profile .txt field is uploaded

  1. Click the Save action icon at the right.
  2. Click the Upload Profile action icon at the right.
  3. Click Select File to browse to and select the .txt file of the profile.
  4. Click OK. You are returned to the ‘Edit Profile’ screen and can edit the file name and settings, edit questions, import questions from another profile.
  5. Click the Save action icon.


Importing Questions from Other Profiles

PCRecruiter allows you to import questions from an existing profile into another profile. This feature will allow you to create similar profiles faster.
You will first need to create or open the existing profile in System > Database Settings > Profile Setup

  1. Click the Upload Questions action icon.
  2. The Profiles for your database are listed. Click Action > Import From This Profile.
  3. The questions for the selected profile are listed. Click the box at the left for each question to import.
  4. Click Insert Items. You will return to the profile.
  5. Click the Save action icon.