Activity Types

PCRecruiter auto tracks most actions performed with a Company, Name and Position record like adding the record, saving the record, emailing the record or scheduling interviews (Click here for a full list of System Generated Activities). It does not know when you make a phone call (unless using a phone integration), what type of call or the result of any calls. Here is where Activity Types come in. Use Activity Types to create codes used to document types of phone calls or their results.  Common Activity Types you may want to add: Prospect Call, Client Call, Recruit Call, Left Message, Interested, Not Interested, or Follow Up.

  1. Click the System icon on the Main Toolbar.
  2. Click Database Setup.
  3. Click Activity Types.
  4. Click the Add action icon.
  5. Add a Code and Description (i.e. LM and Left Message)
  6. Click Save.image (10)