Profile PDFs

Profile Save Options

When a profile is saved in PCR it can create a PDF file the following ways:

  • None: Default behavior, no PDF is created
  • Generate PDF for ALL Submittals: Regardless of the method of submittal, a PDF attachment will be created.
  • Generate PDF for EXTERNAL Submittals: A PDF attachment is created when a profile is submitted via an external source, i.e. via the job board, employer extensions, or a emailed link in a form letter or email.
  • Generate PDF for INTERNAL Submittals: A PDF attachment is created upon submitting a profile internally; only via a PCR user.

This setting can be accessed via the following:

  1. Select System from the Main Toolbar
  2. Select Database Setup
  3. Choose Profile Setup
  4. Select Action – Edit for an existing Profile (this can also be done upon creation of a new Profile)
  5. Locate the dropdown PDF Archive and adjust accordingly
  6. Save when finished