June 2017 Update

Our latest PCRecruiter update comes with a variety of new PCRecruiter features including a new Save Indicator Screen, User Copy Options, and much more!

Auditing Report Securities

PCRecruiter now allows users further ability to customize user security in regards to Auditing reports. To access these new options:

  1. Select System from the Main Toolbar
  2. Choose Users
  3. Choose Manage Users
  4. Select the User whom you wish to edit report securities for
  5. Choose the Security charm followed by the reports tab
  6. Select the dropdown for Auditing reports, you will now be presented with three options.
    1. No Permission – User is unable to access any Auditing Reports
    2. Current User – User is only able to run Auditing Reports in regards to their username
    3. Full Permission – User can choose to run Auditing Reports by all active usernames

Outgoing Mail Settings Test

PCRecruiter now gives you the ability to easily test your Outgoing Mail Settings without additional steps. To ensure the Outgoing Mail Settings are correct for your database you will want to do the following: (Please Note: You should only need this new feature if you are a new customer or have recently updated your email settings):

  1. Select System from the Main Toolbar
  2. Select Email Setup
  3. Select Outgoing Mail Settings
  4. Enter your new Outgoing Mail Settings
  5. Save
  6. Choose Test Connection

A test will now run to ensure the Outgoing Mail Settings are correct, if you see a message other than “Success” you will need to revisit your settings. The most common error that will occur here will read “Authentication Unsuccessful”. In this case the email password provided needs to be corrected.

Recently Viewed Rollups

In order to increase ease of use, we have increased the number of rollups which appear in the recently viewed rollups screen. When choosing Rollups from the Main Toolbar, you will now have more options to choose from rather than having to select the secondary Rollups charm to view all rollups.

Copy Position Activity to Name Record

When adding a Position Activity, users can now choose to copy the new activity to a name record.

  1. Select a Position
  2. Choose Add Activity
  3. Add Activity details
  4. Choose “Copy” charm
  5. Use the “Copy to Name” field to search for a name which exists in your database (You will need to search ‘last name, first name’)
  6. Save – upon doing so the activity will be created for both the position and the name record.

Save Indicator Improvements

A new save indicator has been developed to display when a save is in progress. You will see this indicator anytime a record in PCR has been saved

Copy User Settings Options

Two new options have been added as selections when copying user settings. These options can be selected from System>Users>Copy User Settings

MyPCR Layout

This option will copy all MyPCR Layout customizations to a different user. For instance, if a user has added a rollup list or custom SQL query to their MyPCR screen, this can now be easily copied rather than needing to manually copy/paste between users.

Name, Company, Position Activity Defaults

The PCRecruiter Activity Defaults allow for easy access to relevant Activity details. Setting these defaults avoids the need to manually filter through activities upon each view. These can be accessed from:

  1. Select any PCRecruiter Record
  2. Choose Activities from the Navigation Toolbar
  3. Choose Customize from the Action Toolbar

Here you can set default Usernames and Activity Types to be displayed upon the selected record. Use the new copy settings option to copy this between users.

Recently Viewed Industry/Specialty Codes

With this upgrade, you will now see the most recently used Industry/Specialty Codes when coding name records in your database. This will eliminate the need to repeatedly search for the same codes, as they will be readily available.